WEBLS Creative: PR and advertising in Europe

For a long time our company assists companies and individuals all over the world in the developing of their business on the territory of Eastern and Western Europe, providing legal, business consulting and IT services. We have noted, that many our clients often don't need to create and develop a legal entity in Poland, Czech Republic and other countries of European Union. PR and advertising campaigns on promotion of their goods and services have often proved to be more efficient, that's why in our company structure WEBLS Creative department has appeared. We are a company, that applies PR and marketing technologies with a pragmatic focus on the real promotion of our customers in the European market (often in combination with other services) and their profit. We will help you to "grow" your business in Europe.


On the territory of EU countries we conduct advertising campaigns -- a set of marketing activities aimed at achieving the goals set by our clients. These activities are targeted at the chosen core audience.
The main tasks that we solve for our clients are:
- sales increasing;
- growth of recognizability of the product/service/brand name;
- launching the product/service onto the market;
- relaunching the product/service onto the market for a second time in case the first attempt was unsuccessful (low sales and product / service recognisability ).
Our principle is "Business creativity".


What do we do:
- detect the core audience and competition in your business area;
- research the segmentation of the market section in consideration of the core audience in Europe;
- explore the web sites of competitors;
- identify the core audience and competition through a marketing research;
- profile the core audience in Europe (geographic, demographic, psychological, economic);
- identify behavioral characteristics (intensity of use, degree of loyalty, adaptation, capability of responding to a new offer);
- analyze consumers' preferences of goods in Europe;
- draft brand concept according to brand promotion on the territory of European Union;
- detect business core audience  on the basis of core audience analysis in the European Union;
- identify brand core audience  in individual consumer segment on the basis of core audience analysis in the European Union;
- describe advantages of the brand over the competitors in the European Union;
- describe effective and running communications across European Union;
- analyze market trends in the European Union;
- promote your brand through social media in the European Union;
- arrange  participation in various events held in the European Union with the purpose of brand promotion;
- prepare and hold presentations, participation in exhibitions on the  territory of the European Union;
- draft a scenario, organize and conduct actions and events.


We offer you:
- creating and placing all types of outdoor advertising in the most efficient places;
- adaptation of existing logos and polygraphic materials for use on the territory of the EU;
- creation of any elements of outdoor advertising: media, signboards, banners and signs.
Besides that, we offer our clients a choice of several places to arrange their outdoor advertising in any city in the European Union. We find the best local subcontractors and supervise the whole process.


- corporate PR;
- product PR;
- senior management PR
Building a reputation is a complicated and long-lasting process. We elaborate the most appropriate strategy with a detailed plan of PR campaign. The strategy covers the entire process of communication of the company. We create a positive image of our Client among external groups. We help in crisis situations and return a positive image of the Client. We also implement ready-made strategies and individual elements, from image analysis to contacts with journalists and other groups that are important for achieving success in business. We provide comprehensive strategic consulting services.
When a business firm operates in a market that is rich with offers, it must be distinguished, for  this purpose we develop strategies for existing and newly created brands. Our creative PR actions help to implement the planned marketing strategy.
We build good, partnership relations with representatives of European media of national , local, trade levels. This serves to improve the effectiveness of information policy and building the desired image. We stake on openness and reliability.  
We organize:
-  press meetings(business conferences, briefings, on-line conferences, interviews);
- preparation of materials (information, communiques, presentations, etc.);
- individual meetings with journalists;
- promotion on the Internet (e-PR).


Media relations is an element of marketing strategy, which is the basis of communication in most firms and trademarks in the territory of the countries of the European Union. The style chosen by press to provide information about the company and its services can greatly influence the recognition of the trademark, create a positive image and increase sales in the long term.
However, this industry has experienced the most profound, perhaps revolutionary changes, in the last few years, due to the development of Internet technologies.
We know how important the role of information in the modern world, we make it easier for our Clients to deliver their message to the consumer, build good relations between our Clients and the European media.
Media relations include:
- media planning;
- media buying.


We can say that we allow our clients to realize their dreams. Our specialists can make "heroic" and "extraordinary" even from the most "simple" things.
We will guide your business in Europe. With us you will see and hear something that you have never seen or heard before, and, which is more important, YOU WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD by those who need you and whom you could not find without our help!

Don't delay, contact us.