Sales outsourcing

WEBLS Sp. z o.o. designs and executes consulting and management solutions to help you win, grow, and sustain long-term customer relationships with companies in Poland, other European Countries and in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan i etc.).

We will help you develop new sales channels for new markets, give your business the tools and knowledge needed to find new customers and connect with existing ones.

We can help your company expand to new markets with minimum costs!

For our Clients we render full range of Sales outsourcing services to acquire new customers for your business:

- set up a representative office (branch office) of your company;
- create a clients base of European companies;
- represent your company on Europe Exhibitions, Conferences & Trade shows; 
- set up Ad hoc Sales department for your company in Poland to reach european clients effectively;
- set up a call center;

Our personnel always use the non-standard means to success. Contact us for more details.

In the conditions of constant optimization and compaction of modern retail market many manufacturers are looking for additional ways to reduce costs and increase productivity of their business.  Outsourcing service often becomes a solution.
At the period of complicated economic conditions and strong competition it is essential to choose the course for the maximum efficiency of your business. Development of a company in crisis is directly related to the accuracy of focusing on the principal activities.
Outsourcing represents an efficient instrument, that gives the opportunity to concentrate on the main operations. In case a company hands over a part of its duties under the administration of a professional business partner, the productivity of the main activities increases exponentially.

Note: Retail outsourcing  is a kind of outsourcing of business process, that implies delegation of some retail functions to contractors.
Outsourcer is a specialised in outsourcing services b2b company. The distinguishing feature of an outsourcer is specialization in some business process, that is secondary for other companies.

Our company offers a wide range of retail outsourcing services, which contain looking for new collaborations, dealing with distribution channels, organization and control of resourcing and cash and settlement services in outlets. Besides that our specialists carry out the package of services  associated with the delivery of goods from a manufacturer to a certain place on a store shelf, including transportation, warehousing, merchandising, etc.

We arrange the whole business process "on a turn-key basis". This comprises forming, selection and training of personnel, regular testing of the service quality, registration and approval of the necessary documentation.

According to the needs of our Client types of collaboration may vary:
-- full sales outsourcing ( delegation up to 90% of customer's company sales work);
-- outsourcing of a part of sales process ( market analysis, monitoring of competitors, looking for potential customers, negotiating, seeking for marketing facilities);
-- outsourcing service oriented to a certain segment of customers or marketing facilities ( the outlet format, location, sociocultural features, etc.);
-- outsourcing with a focus on a certain commodity category;
-- joint outsourcing: parties to the agreement act as partners.

List of services we provide:
-- analysis of the market, competitors and demand;
-- development of sales strategy and sales promotion;
-- new customers and business partners seeking;
-- negotiating, organization of presentations, exhibitions, etc.;
-- treaty-making process;
-- realization of documents circulation;
-- legal support of the Client's transactions;
-- working with distribution channels;
-- logistical support;
-- training and supporting of the personnel in matters of increasing of sales efficiency.