Manage the Company


Starting a business abroad in another jurisdiction often faces with the problem of effective management of the newly established company. There are several objective factors (for example, in some countries citizen of foreign country who is to be hired on the position of Executive Director must obtain work permit), and subjective ones it is not always easy to find the right employee in a foreign country, who can be trusted with the role of the Head of the Company as the sole executive body (for example, in Belarus and Russia) that authority is required, or a member of the collegian executive body (in Poland the company is controlled by a collegian body, which, however, may consist of a single person).

WEBLS offers appropriate services for the Country, where the new business is considered to start.

For example in Poland the most effective solution is our service "Executive Director". The person on this position is not a member of the Board. His rights are limited by the Employment Contract or Power of Authority given to him by Member of a Board. The Board does not lose control newly created Company and reserve all the power and rights in control over the Company. After the Executive Director has the preparatory work done, The Board assumes his functions.

Regarding Belarus and Russia the question of Board controlling over the Company is a little different. In these Countries the presence of the Sole Executive Body (General Director, Executive Director) is obliged, and the person employed on this position must physically present in the territory of the Country (otherwise the absence of the Sole Executive Body may lead to some measures of responsibility for the Company).


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