Why Poland and Eastern Europe

Why start business in Eastern Europe is a good idea? 

Let us introduce you some reasons for doing business in the European Union. Actually, most of entrepreneurs consider this idea in a positive spirit, due to the liberality, absence of borders inside the EU , honest and civilized ways of running business. The fact that the market of EU is represented by about 500 millions of consumers makes it one of the biggest markets in the world. Besides that , high standard of life, low level of corruption and of crime in general make European countries attractive for immigration. 

But what is the way to start  a new business in Europe  and, what is more important , where to develop it successfully?  Most people can't find the appropriate localization. Indeed, it is a serious challenge to enter the unfamiliar market and to adapt to a foreign language and cultural environment. And only those people,  who are brave enough  and who know how to reach the goal, can accept this challenge. If you look at Europe from the strategic point of view , you may see that its western part represents an economically and politically established system. It is a lot more harder to enter a well-established structure which doesn't need "new blood". Meanwhile the Eastern Europe is an emerging market, which is quickly overtaking his western neighbor by all accounts. That is why our company offers our clients to enter the European market through its "Eastern Window". We consider that the markets of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are the most promising. In spite of the Slavic mentality this countries are "western"  enough. Many principles of doing business, tax and legal aspects are  mirroring the models of Western Europe.

Moreover  the level of expenditure on business maintenance (rents, salaries ,taxes) in the countries of Eastern Europe are much lower than those in Western Europe.

A businessman, who creates a legal entity in the countries of Eastern Europe, obtain such benefits as:

- personal visa-free entry to the countries of the Schengen area

- free business dealing on the 500 millions European Union's market

- comfortable and respectful attitude of the tax agency and other controlling entities

- high life standards and great opportunities for the family members

Favorable location of Poland and Czechia  on the cross of East-to-West and North-to-South ways makes this countries a perfect place for the investment of capital into production and service industries. Central position of Poland and Czech Republic makes them a gateway to the EU. This players leading role in attracting foreign companies. The investment of foreign entrepreneurs into the building of logistics centers and Shared Services centers is the result of dynamic growth of demand and development of trade cooperation, caused by the expansion of the European Union.

Poland and Czech Republic are the countries of enterprising people and of a stable economy, besides that they are good business partners. Due to the strong economy, wide range of investment spurs and comprehensive support of public authorities, these countries became the most attractive points for capital investments. According to calculations, the profit from the foreign capital input can be three times more than in other EU countries. Stability, consistency and the open-door policy for foreign capital plays an important role here.

With no doubt, Poland and Czechia will be holding the leading position among European countries in  investment attractiveness. For example, 96% of German respondents express intention to invest in Poland again and 88% of interviewed companies plan to increase or preserve the same level of the investment expenses in Poland.

What does make Poland and Czech Republic such attractive for investment? The research, made among the foreign investors, shows that the main reasons are:

- location in the center of Europe, integration and cooperation with EU markets;

- competitive prices;

- level of proficiency of Polish workers: knowing of foreign languages, motivation to work and organizational culture. Investors, who choose Poland or Czech Republic as their aim, will hardly face difficulties in proper staff recruitmen;.

We help our clients to start and develop a new business in Eastern Europe successfully. Our local knowledge allows us to offer ongoing support through all the phases of your investment.

Also we can transfer You production facilities to lower-cost countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus. It will lead to a significant cost reduction.

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