Real estate object in Belarus

We are glad to represent on behalf of our partner the offer for a Company that will be willing to relocate it’s manufacturing process to Belarus.

The real estate Object we offer is a 100 percent private ownership.

The location of manufacturing processes in Belarus will bring several advantages for Your business:

  • Belarus is the optimal link between the CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan and etc.) and the EU countries, which could be advantageously used for  manufacturing, logistics, and sale units on the country's territory;
  • common customs territory of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan with a single customs tariff with about 170 million consumers;
  • relatively cheap and well-qualified labour force.
  • low rent prices of the Object.


Belarus is crossed by 2 cross-European transportation corridors, according to the international classification:

  • No. II (West-East - Berlin-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow);
  • No. IX (North-South - Russian-Finnish border-Vyborg-St. Petersburg-Vitebsk-Gomel-Ukraine-Moldova-Bulgaria- Greece);

That makes production transportation very comfortable.

Link to the real estate object

The object has:

  • more than 2,500 square meters of production space;
  • dressing room, eating room, guest room, etc.;
  • all types of communications: gas, electricity, water, sewage;
  • heating: own gas boiler.;

The territory is under video surveillance and guarded by the security service.

In the office space there are 15 telephone landlines and a local computer network.

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