WEBLS offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Services Centers (SSC) in Eastern Europe which give the Clients: company administration costs reduction; European Union level quality standards and more efficient services (highly- educated and motivated specialists, not high average salaries).

Our comprehensive outsourcing services are:

  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO);
  • Finance and accounting (F&A);
  • Customer service (Call Centre);
  • IT outsourcing services; 
  • Payroll and HR administration;

Our goal is to help companies in reducing their operating expenses.

Thousands of foreign companies already profit from investments in different sectors of the Polish economy. The key reasons why they have decided to start business here are: strategic location, excellent investment potential and high class human resources. One of the main questions for almost every Company is how to obtain better services at a lower cost and manageable risk. Number of investors consider it as an excellent location for their sourcing units servicing primarily the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

Poland is a great place for Business and when You reduce expenses, the money You save is Your profit! A dollar saved is two dollars earned!

Poland is one of the best places to locate BPO/SSC services. It offers stable economy, European standards of services and relatively cheap and well qualified labour resources with extensive foreign language skills and strong working incentives. The rent of office space also is much cheaper than in Western Europe, USA, Canada and etc. So, setting up BPO/SSC in Poland can be a real cost reduction for Your Company.

One of BPO/SSC key objectives is to support Your Company with the execution of back-office activities in the most effective and efficient manner in terms of cost, quality, control and transparency. That's why it is not surprising that over the last 10 years, Poland has become a leading destination for offshoring services. According to the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) currently there are more than 400 BPO/SSC centres in Poland and over 150 000 people are employed in this industry. The largest world companies have already decided to locate their centres in Poland. Poland enjoys a good competitive position and high attractiveness as a production site. The producers have unlimited access to the whole European market and they enjoy access to improving infrastructure.

As Poland’s outsourcing sector grows up and matures, global firms are increasingly using Poland as a base for multi-functional business services. Instead of only providing basic accounting services, for examples, firms are shifting more work to Poland, including HR/compliance, procurement, and real estate asset management. Many of the BPO/SSC centres became  the headquarters of outsourcing organizations for Europe or the EMEA region.

Poland was named as the most mature offshoring location in Europe and one of the Top 5 worldwide. Also Poland is identified as one of the most interesting offshoring venues for international investors. Today the country successfully competes for outsourcing projects with places such as China or India and is amongst the top five global outsourcing destinations.

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