Global Mobility Solutions

It is axiomatic that effective Business Administration is not possible without employees. The employment management for the Company in the country of origin does rarely cause any difficulty. However, if you start a business in a foreign country whether EU member state or the former Soviet Union Republic, the possibility to face a problem increases several times: it is difficult to do correctly the following processes in a foreign country:

- to interview and recruit potential foreign candidate,

- to solve the migration formalities related to the employment of foreign employee,

- to prepare correct version of the employment contract,

- to prepare correct version of the business trip documentation for employees,

- to terminate legally and "painlessly" the Employment Agreement.


WEBLS offer the right solution of the above mentioned processes for our clients. We actively develop GLOBAL MOBILITY SOLUTIONS which include:

- Head Hunter services in foreign countries;

- full range of services in the field of labor law (Poland, Russia, Belarus)

- the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, including with CEO and High-level Personnel of companies,

- the resolution of labor disputes, audits (due diligence) of the labor relations and compliance with current legislation and etc.;

- business migration, as well as providing a full range of services for individuals and organizations: obtaining residence permits, permanent residence permits, work permits for foreign workers, legalization of "posted worker" (an employee who is sent by his employer to carry out a service in another Country on a temporary basis) and etc.