Contract law

Contract law is one of the most important and fast-growing areas of Civil law. The ever-changing situation is the most appropriate definition of the rules of Law. The legislation of every country differs broadly and You are to keep it in Your mind while organizing company abroad and enter into contractual relationships with other entities according the rules of foreign law.

Our lawyers provide the following services in the field of Contract Law:

- Analysis and review of contracts (including the "unnamed contracts") if they comply the local law, which financial and legal risks exist;

- check the credentials of the officials signing a contract (General Director, Acting General Director) according the Contract Law;

- creation of the legal contracts of any difficulties, in different language, also non-standard and mixed contracts;

- Protection of clients’ interests in negotiations with a potential partner, signing of contract, modification and termination of contracts;

- Drafting International Contracts (creation of effective mechanisms which protect the client's rights, preparing of the arbitration clauses and etc.);

- providing the Registration of the contracts in the authority bodies and notarization of them.