WEBLS perform for our customers such services as:

 - cheap calls abroad (cheap tariffs) – it is a special service when the caller's voice is transformed into digital information, which is transmitted via the Internet to the addressee, and is converted back into speech. For this type of calls special equipment can be used as well as regular telephones and computers.

- You can use the phone numbers of foreign countries - this service is ideal for opening a virtual office. If You do not have personnel permanently based in a foreign country to which market You want to enter. The phone number with a local area code will help You in contacts with local people. When potential Customers from such country dial a regular local landline number the call is transferred to any of Yours phone numbers (mobile or landline) in a country You prefer .

 - installation, configuration and support services for PBX telephone station based on Asterisk free software. Asterisk is a free software product installed on free operating systems (FreeBSD, CentOS, etc.). The system does not demand any advanced special options of Your computer hardware and will be able to work on very old computers. It has all the features of a regular PBX telephone station, as well as a number of advantages.

 - Video calling. Introduction of video telephony which is based on free software Asterisk product. You only need a set of Videophones.

- Introduction of video services for video conferencing, which is based on free software Asterisk products. You only need a set of Videophones VC server.

 If you frequently call abroad or to another city, WEBLS can help you to reduce the cost of telephone calls with the introduction of IP-telephony. IP-telephony is a voice communication service which the use of traditional dialing, redial, etc. IP-telephony works in every place, where Internet is available.

 We provide a full range of services of the implementation and use of IP- telephony for the companies all over the world. Our experts will install and configure You equipment, instruct and support You later if necessary.

The most advanced technologies are used by our experts in the telecommunications projects we provide. We use free software and free server platforms to help our clients to avoid buying an expensive software, which is not better than the free ones.

We also offer our Clients the most competitive calls rates. You only have to register in the system and You start saving money on phone calls.