Database and Big Data Management  are considered to be one of the most required and difficult areas in the IT industry. Any purchase, any order in internet are registered, displayed or calculated. One of the most common platforms for working with databases is the MS SQL database. Every new version of this program has new features and modules.

Administrator of the database must improve his skills constantly. Small and medium-sized companies, as a rule, work with a few of bases. Such companies do not have a full time position of The Database Administrator. System administrator usually is responsible for Database management.  As practice shows, in such situation The Database Administrator does not possess all needed competencies for database management. So, the most thoughtful and pragmatic solution is database management outsourcing.

Almost every change in the Database system can lead to failure, so we offer backup recording of your databases on our cloud service. Of course WEBLS previously signs a Non-Disclosure  agreement and the Client’s Information is Safe and Secure.

Also, our specialists have extensive experience in collecting, processing and analyzing information from different sources. We develop ETL packages for different platforms. If you have several databases, which are not configured, we will gladly help you to create a common data repository, where the necessary information will be stored, processed and displayed to the user as a single database, without division into the sources of information .

We can analyze a database and consult the Client. Consulting  services of our specialists include analysis and design, database support  as well as scripting in T-SQL language for the database service.

We render the following services :

  • setting up and audit of MS SQL Server;
  • setting up database mirroring;
  • develop and implement a backup recording system according to your SLA;
  • conduct audits and T-SQL script creating;