We provide access to cloud technologies by the method of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service). Server rent starts from $9.

Using the cloud service you will receive:

  • Availability. You can get access to the information from your computer, tablet, any mobile device via Internet.
  • Mobility. You can receive reports from any place in the world,  monitor the production process, browse, create documents.
  • Economy. This is one of the most important advantages. The User has no need for electricity and air conditioning in the server room, pay for the software, and there is no need to hire a system administrator to manage local IT-technologies
  • Cost Reduction. You do not need to buy expensive server equipment, pay salaries and electricity bills. Taking care of your cloud server take care of us.
  • Lease possibility. You only pay for the functions You purchased in appropriate time.
  • Flexibility. All the necessary resources are provided automatically.
  • Reliability. You do not need to worry about duplicating the data to external data storage devices or purchase a diesel generator to provide electric supply of the server room.
  • High-Tech. The big computer power can be provided to you for storage, analysis and processing of data.
  • Privacy.
  • Support 24/7. Our team consists of qualified IT-specialists and it allows us to provide a Help Desk Support Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help our customers to solve any problem faster than customers of any other providers.

We provide:

  • access to the cloud server (start from $ 9) on which your IT staff install and configure everything they need. Our specialists also can install everything on your request.
  • transfer your data (mail server, network discs I etc.) to the cloud-based services.

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