If your Company needs to imply any new IT service, support an existing ones but You do not have an employee who can do it, we will help you solve this problem. We also help You to determine which solution is the best for your technical problem, as well as which necessary equipment and software You need. Our experts will assist you in:

1. Installing, commissioning  and remote administration of servers based on Windows and Unix systems;

        We will install for You:

  • Web servers
  • Terminal servers
  • Internet Gateway
  • The database server
  • Mail server
  • Domain controller
  • Workgroup server
  • Virtualization Servers

2. Configuration of backup recording to prevent data loss and reduce service downtime;

To increase the level of information protection and secure data storage , we recommend You to use our cloud service.

Commercial information may be encrypted by using of free tools. Also we carry out the backup of virtual machines. The scope and schedule backup is agreed with the client.

3. Monitoring of the level of performance and capacity of server resources;

 If your employees complain of unstable or slow work of applications in the network, when documents from the computer local disks need unreasonably long time to be opened, You need to identify the bottleneck in the server infrastructure. Our experts will help you to do this as soon as possible. After that, you will be offered the most efficient solution.

4. Creating scripts to automate periodic tasks.

 If You are tired of manual start a new user on a computer or set access rights for users to files and folders? Tired of having to reconfigure the workplace, when the user is is given other computer? Our professionals can make the routine tasks be done automatically by using PowerShell scripting.


We provide a full cycle of the new services implementation for our clients. Starting from gathering of the requirements and ending with the comprehended support for the embedded services. All projects are carried out according to the project management standards PMI and ITIL methodology.