QUESTION 1 I would like to start a Business Process Outsourcing Office in Poland. Will it be a problem to find english-speaking personel? Harry B. TX, USA

ANSWER 1 The English language in Poland is very wide spread, a vast majority of young people study English and speak fluent English. So, we do not  foresee any problem in finding english-speaking personel for foreign Companies.

QUESTION 2 What branches of the economy of Eastern Europe are most popular among the  foreign investor. Erik de Bourgh , Brussels, BE

ANSWER 2 The most interesting branches for foreign investors in Poland, Czech Republic and other countries of the Eastern Europe are: electronic and household appliances; automotive; research and development (R&D); biotechnology; food processing;

QUESTION 3 Which type of services can You offer? Lady L., Paris, France

ANSWER 3 We can offer our Clients the following services: 

- StartUp projects and new businesses development in Poland, Czechia and other East european EU countries, also in Russia, Belarus;

- investment site selection in Poland and Checia;
- creating and realizing the Company's strategy; 
- hiring personnel, team organizing, planning and supervision, employees’ motivation and development, Global Talent and Organization Development Management;
- comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing services: Legal process outsourcing (LPO);
- complex legal advising, contractual and claims work, representation of interests in courts;
- search of suppliers, promotion of products and services on the markets in Poland, Czech Republic and EU countries, Russia, Belarus and etc.;
- design and implement of all export strategies and activities; export process management and coordination;

- full range of IT services: Tableau Projects, Telecommunication, Administration of servers and services, Databases, Cloud Technology;

- subcontractor’s and clients base development;